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Raconteur, CD30

Kevin LeMans and his beautiful blonde first mate sail Raconteur, a CD30, out of Port Washington, Wisconsin.

Some information from Kevin:
We are new to the Great Lakes.

I purchased Raconteur in San Francisco in 1999. I guess that means more than ten years ago. How time flies. The boat was very, very clean when I got her but had been stripped of cruising gear (she had been from Boston to the Caribbean with a previous owner). Ground tackle, new furling gear, new headsails, navigation, new running rigging, lots of re-bedding, re-building, re-finishing, etc., etc., etc.

My passion is ocean sailing and we covered the coast of California from Bodega Head (60 miles North of the Golden Gate) to the Channel Islands (off Santa Barbara). I don’t need to discuss what it’s like to sail her ‘cause you have a Cape Dory too.

When I moved to Madison in 2007 I had her trucked to Marinette WI. Had her at NestEgg the first season, Menominee marina the second season. Green Bay is beautiful and has lots of great destinations, but is just too far away from Madison (where I live) for someone who (of necessity) maintains his own boat.

She will be in Port Washington this season, and I’m looking forward to being able to spend a lot more time with her.

I’m hoping to doing some real cruising in the Great Lakes – I’m particularly interested in the North Passage of Huron. The challenge for me, being new here, is finding crew. You know, not racers, but people who want to go cruising.

There are a couple of pix attached, a shot of the boat in the slip in Alameda. Sorry, nothing under sail. Also, there’s a shot of my beautiful blonde first mate. Eat your heart out……!

Great to be in touch with Cape Dory owners. Maybe we can rendezvous somewhere, some time.