Quick Update: Rendezvous

Four Cape Dorys and 10 people met up in Beaver Island’s St. James Harbor for the Lake Michigan Cape Dory Rendezvous last week. The group enjoyed touring boats, walking the island, eating out, and even an odd boat project or two. There will be more information regarding the Rendezvous, but to those who were unable to attend, know that you were missed! And to those who made the trip, thanks so much for making the Rendezvous a success; it was a pleasure to get to know you and to see your boats!

2 thoughts on “Quick Update: Rendezvous”

  1. David & David Jr.,
    Glad to report I made it back in fine shape!! I trust you did also. Wind was on the nose Saturday, so motored for 9.5 hours. Reached Northport and found the trans. oil to be up to the level!! I was greatly relieved and have my fingers crossed still.
    Many thanks again for all your help and for hosting such a memorable week!!

    Will write more later,

  2. Hey, good to hear from you. We were hoping you’d made it home without incident. Glad to hear things went well. We’ve been bucking opposing winds almost all the way south. We’re almost home. Sad to see the cruise come to an end.

    It was a pleasure meeting you. Thanks for making the trip!

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