Got Plans?

There is a movement afoot to coordinate cruising schedules for a rendezvous somewhere on Lake Michigan sometime during the summer. And, yes, that is as specific as one can be at this point. So, we’re asking: where are you going to be, and when?

Great Lakes Fleet Captain Ed Haley, Mike Ritenour of s/v LaVida, and a few others are eager to support Lake Michigan events. To that end, they’d like to participate in our event, whether by boat or by RV, they just need to know how to plan.

The crew of Ariel, David and David VanDenburgh, proposed meeting up sometime during the first week of August. Possible destinations include Beaver Island’s St. James Harbor, Charlevoix, Pentwater, or Traverse Bay. For those who can’t make it by boat, driving in is always a possibility (the Emerald Isle ferry out of Charlevoix travels to Beaver Island).

If you’d like to participate or offer some date/destination suggestions, either contact me via email or by leaving a comment to this post. We’re pretty flexible and plan on sailing whether there’s an event or not. What does your summer sailing schedule look like?